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Saturday 8.24.19 from 9:30a-noon

How is fear holding you back?

Fear of failure may take the form of procrastination. Fear of “not enough” may materialize in debt, clutter, or overeating. Fear of being with yourself may result in overscheduling or the inability to say “no.” Fear of change may look like the inability to say “yes.”

Fear is rooted in a belief about perceived or real danger. But regardless of what we might encounter, we have power over our breath, attitude, and focus. In this personal development workshop, we will invite awareness and acceptance of how fear shows up in our lives. We will then pursue freedom through a multi-faceted practice of faith:

• Trusting our bodies in arm balance and inversion drills
• Trusting our hearts in reflective journaling
• Trusting community in partner & group exercises
• Trusting our breath in pranayama techniques
• Trusting our minds in mantra meditation for manifestation

Establish healthier boundaries with your relationship with fear as you stretch and strengthen your faith muscles. You’ll experience deeper levels of wholeness and freedom as you create more space in your body, breath, and soul.

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Reflection & Intention:

A Year-End Retreat of Yoga and Writing

Friday 12.27.19 - Sunday 12.29.19

SunMountain Center, Manitou Springs

This unique yoga and writing retreat will create space to finish 2019 with closure and confidence, and vision to launch 2020 with clarity and purpose. You will have the opportunity to access self-connection and contemplation on a deep, holistic level as physical movement, self-care, and the power of community stir your creative juices. Come for nourishment, soul rest, and inspiration. Leave with a full heart, lighter step, and direction for your best year yet.

Early bird rates end 9.23.19

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