I haven’t practiced in months and Bethany’s class felt like coming home.
— Emily

Bethany has a compassion and vivacity that fills each of her classes from start to finish. I look forward to her classes because they always contain an idea to ponder, creative sequencing, meditative flow, and a delightful bit of playfulness on the mat.
— Dawn

Bethany’s invitation for requests at the start of class, and her talent with remembering names and incorporating them into the practice, made it feel so meaningful.”
— Jen

I met Bethany at my local yoga studio, and quickly learned she is one of the most creative and anatomically in-tuned teachers I’ve worked with. The pace of her classes gives students time to truly get into each pose before moving on, and her deep understanding of the body shows in her teaching and sequencing. Being in her classes has improved my yoga practice immensely, and has empowered me to become more involved in yoga. Thank you, Bethany!
— Kim

I feel completely calm at Bethany’s yoga classes. Her voice soothes us as she transitions us into each pose! Her little anecdotes and stories make me giggle. I receive so much from each class I take.
— Montana

Bethany is an amazing yoga teacher. I have learned so much from her. Her kind and gentle spirit creates a comfortable learning environment that allows you to explore and challenge yourself while also accepting and appreciating where you are in the present moment. As a new mom, it can be challenging to get to a 6:00 am, but her class brings so much value to my life, I try my best not to miss it. I feel so calm, rejuvenated, and peaceful afterwards. Thank you!
— Judy

Why do I practice with Bethany? She encourages her students to cultivate their practice in an open and positive environment. She personalizes each session to best suit her class and guides you deeper into your practice, allowing the yoga mentality to stay with you off the mat.
— Devan