this i believe

The following are the first 50 things that came to mind:

  1. I believe pizza from NY is the only pizza worth eating. I've been to Italy twice but my Long Island taste buds won't change their mind.
  2. I believe skiing and snowboarding are too much effort for what they're worth. I haven't been since high school. But I remember looking really dumb in my overall snow pants.
  3. I believe life is better as a musical. When I'm happy, I sing. When I'm unhappy, I sing to get happy.
  4. I believe with instruction, time, and motivation, anyone can sing or draw to some degree of skill.
  5. I believe in writing in books and passing them on. But not library books, of course.
  6. I believe in my local library.
  7. I believe if you don't have a good group of friends at college, the best part of college is studying abroad. For two semesters. The summer, too, if you can get funding.
  8. I believe in outward meditation. Sometimes, cleaning my room is the most spiritually cleansing practice I can do.
  9. I believe in yoga groupons.
  10. I believe stove-popped popcorn is always an appropriate snack (sometimes dinner). Usually with parmesan, garlic, and red pepper.
  11. I believe in the difference between entertaining guests and showing hospitality.
  12. I believe in having people over for dinner on a regular basis. And asking them to bring something, otherwise I can't afford having people over for dinner so often.
  13. I believe in Saturdays of solitude. I love when Noah goes spear-fishing, or has work, and I get the day to myself at home. That's when I write posts like this one.
  14. I believe in monthly planners. Weekly planners distort my perspective of time. Also, I don't like all those lines. They're so constricting.
  15. I believe in sociocultural concepts of time.
  16. I believe in mirrors. Especially when you live in a small apartment.
  17. I believe in showering in the dark for a womb-like experience. Or in the mostly-dark with candles.
  18. I believe in showering every other day at the maximum.
  19. I believe Asians have the best hair. Therefore, I believe I have the best hair.
  20. I believe in fancy drinks when I get home from work. Work is work.
  21. I believe in taking spiritual or emotional sick days from work. Just 10 vacation days a year is not sustainable in teaching at an all-year-round alternative school for at-risk teenage girls.
  22. I believe in babysitting for free when parents need to go on a date. It's easier if the kids are cute. And if I happen to get paid, I can feel extra-thankful.
  23. I believe it takes a village to raise a child, even if the village is not intentionally raising said child.
  24. I believe in my sister. She's two years younger than me, but I look up to her a lot. She's pretty much wonderful.
  25. I believe in eating clean as long as I can afford it. I can't really afford it right now. I try.
  26. I believe in writing it down. Especially my dreams.
  27. I believe dreams are real. The dream-kind and the kind when you're a kid and have a big imagination.
  28. I believe apathy is the opposite of love.
  29. I believe women can be strong, independent, successful, and powerful without being man-hating bitches.
  30. I believe in progressive simplicity.
  31. I believe in loyalty.
  32. I believe in celebrating anything and everything. And taking pictures of it.
  33. I believe in taking pictures.
  34. I believe babies are a blessing from God, but I am oh-so-very-thankful that there are currently none in my care. If you're not mature enough, a blessing can be a curse.
  35. I believe my childhood was happier than I remember it being.
  36. I believe that I will be a good mom.
  37. I believe in big, happy families. And family vacations. And reunions.
  38. I believe if I wasn't a Christian, I wouldn't get married until I was at least in my mid-30s, if at all. I wouldn't see the point.
  39. I believe in my marriage. It is the best hard decision I have ever made.
  40. I believe I will always be beautiful if I believe that I am loved.
  41. I believe that believing I am loved is the most challenging and most important thing I have ever believed.
  42. I believe in honorable, selfless rebellion.
  43. I believe in being special without needing to be better than everyone else. But it's definitely challenging.
  44. I believe lots of things about race and racism. I believe many of them could be offensive if I tried to summarize them in a bullet point.
  45. I believe in the Kingdom of God, but I don't claim to understand it. I just know it's really, really good.
  46. I believe in mobile stability.
  47. I believe everyone gets older, but not everyone grows up, and not everyone comes of age.
  48. I believe I have come of age.
  49. I believe life can begin again and again.
  50. I believe there is room for everyone.

What do you believe?